Saturday, January 08, 2022

Proposal: All’s Well that Ends in Hell

Timed out and failed, 1-3. Josh

Adminned at 10 Jan 2022 10:53:25 UTC

In the rule “Final Destination”, change “If the GPS would create a Stop with an Order number that is equal to the Final Destination Number” to

If any Tripper (or the GPS) would knowingly create a Stop with an Order number that is equal to the Final Destination Number

And in order to be thorough, in the rule “Road Map”, change “the GPS may repeal this paragraph” to

any Tripper (or the GPS) may repeal this paragraph

Due to allowing any player to create stops, there’s a chance we could skip right by Stop 66 without the GPS making it the Final Destination.


Kevan: he/him

08-01-2022 11:09:10 UTC

If Doom Foretold fails, the Final Destination number will remain a secret held only by the GPS, so mere mortals won’t know if they’ve reached it.


08-01-2022 11:28:44 UTC

Hmm. How about I just add the word “knowingly”, and call it a day. If Doom Foretold fails, we already needed a fix for that.

Josh: Announcer he/him

08-01-2022 22:07:10 UTC

I feel like this would ideally be “if Doom Foretold fails, this does nothing”.

As it is, I’ m holding my vote until I know how Doom Foretold has gone.

Kevan: he/him

09-01-2022 16:41:09 UTC

against Does like Doom Foretold is on its way out.

Josh: Announcer he/him

09-01-2022 20:27:14 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

10-01-2022 05:34:48 UTC



10-01-2022 07:27:17 UTC

I’m not sold that this relies on Doom Foretold to be useful. I was just assuming Doom would pass, and so I wasn’t clear about what it did. We might still need a fix, down the line, if Brendan elects to generate a hidden F.D. number.