Monday, February 02, 2009

And all is better.

02-02-2009 08:05:11 UTC
Wait a sec. I just realized I got this backwards. What I meant was that only ONE word from this guess appears on the guess!!

I guess that my english is not as good as I thought…

And everything is resolved in Blognomic land. Now we all get to feel stupid! :  )



02-02-2009 08:12:21 UTC

Was this posted by Arth or PMed?

I’d like to see Arth just make a clarfying post all around.


02-02-2009 08:13:07 UTC

Same here


02-02-2009 08:14:08 UTC

Commented by arth on the origional Moon Cheese guess.


02-02-2009 08:15:11 UTC

yeah I saw. So there is your answer. Next time don’t go crazy until the person in question has time to provide an explanation.


02-02-2009 08:32:16 UTC

I feel like a fool myself, I was in a hurry and didn’t got time to double check my comment either.