Thursday, October 19, 2006

Proposal: And now for some locations

Times out (twice) at 2-3. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 23 Oct 2006 11:24:53 UTC

Add the following the rule 2.6.1 DL’s:

(Wet, Cool, Dark, Strange, Painful): The Transporter Room (Any Vegetable with this DL can move to any other DL, provided e still only changes eir DL “often”)
(Wet, Hot, Light, Normal, Luxurious): The Sprinkler (Any Vegetable with this DL may water emself every 12 hours instead of “often”. E can also only not water emself within 3 hours of the last harvest instead of the normal 5)
(Wet, Cool, Light, Normal, Painful):The Cutting Board (Any Vegetable with this DL may often make a comment to the GNDT of “Prepare DICE5”. On a five, that vegetable may change it’s Enhancement to whatever it wants. On a one, that vegetable loses 3 tastiness and healthfulness.)



20-10-2006 09:09:23 UTC

There aren’t enough wet locations

Elias IX:

20-10-2006 20:17:45 UTC

I like it, except the way I intended Enhancements to work is that they aren’t exclusive, and you can have as many at a time as you can.


20-10-2006 22:41:25 UTC



21-10-2006 12:04:52 UTC


Elias IX:

21-10-2006 18:19:42 UTC