Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Contestant

Quorum rises to 12 as another contestant is appears in the bunker.

The new arrival looks lost and confused.

(I’ve un-idled myself, but would an admin send me GNDT access info? It’s been a long time.)



05-16-2009 04:36:04 UTC

Wait.  Did you unidle before or after I tried to admin “The Social Side”?


05-16-2009 04:49:36 UTC


I would have de-idled you myself, but no one bothered to pass my admin proposal and “The Social Side”... so… >_>. Meh.

Welcome back!!


05-16-2009 05:06:47 UTC

Wak:What happened is that he unidled (right before|while) I adminned “The Social Side, increasing quorum.


05-16-2009 05:49:11 UTC

GG! Another Contestant from Blognomic past. . . .


05-16-2009 07:27:05 UTC

I’ll send you the GNDT configuration password.


05-16-2009 12:05:01 UTC

Sorry about the admin disruption. I started to de-idle and then realized I forgot my GNDT password.