Monday, June 26, 2017

Proposal: Anti-“Give Artefact away Dodge”

Failed by the CfJ “Unsolveable Proposals.” Failed by card. All the other pending proposals which are deleted are failed as well.

Adminned at 27 Jun 2017 04:54:08 UTC

Add to the “Bunk Inspection” part in “Artefacts”:

During the time between the Inspection Story Post and its Resolution posted the Expedition Leader, the inspector is still rummaging through their inspectee’s bunk, so that inspectee cannot give/transfer their Artefacts (would they have any) to anyone else during this time.

I may or may not have available Proposal slots though lol. Putting it up anyway, because I might have it, or someone else can just copy it if they’d like to.

Only two collaborating Cultists would be needed to dodge inspection altogether, would they be fast enough, and given Sphinx’s moderate speed, it’s definitely viable, as proven by Kevan’s very quick reply to my first inspection (would he and pokes be Cultists, it would be very easy to just trade the item away - and he wouldn’t even need consent from Pokes to do it).



06-26-2017 13:17:49 UTC

against Would allow an Untrustworthy Explorer to repeatedly spam Inspections just to stop other players from trading artefacts.


06-26-2017 13:27:54 UTC

against Instead you could propose that the result of the Inspection is only conditional on the number of Artefacts the Inspectee had when the Inspection was posted.

Also, if your CfJ passes, then all your Pending Proposals will be failed. This may include this one.


06-26-2017 19:01:10 UTC


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