Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Story Post: Argument #3

Adminned at 28 Apr 2022 12:06:42 UTC

The Atlantean Scraps evidenced in the rule RECOVERED FRAGMENT 20220419-01 and its subrules all seem to contain arguments that we now know refer to a resource that memories of Atlantis can possess, as well as some numbers and operations. Given what we know about those symbols, isn’t it reasonable to assume that the images in those rules refer to Memories of Atlantis, either generally or specifically? The proposition here is that this symbol means ‘person’ or ‘player’ or ‘metaphysical tendency in our society’ in a way that effectively means ‘Memory of Atlantis’ in the context of our contemporary understanding of their culture.


Lulu: she/her

26-04-2022 20:08:34 UTC



26-04-2022 23:08:05 UTC

Technicality: the image is not (yet) an Atlantean Element, and so your Argument may not describe its meaning. Right?

That proposition may include the meaning of a specific Atlantean Element or an argument about the grammar or syntax of the language, and may not make any statement about any other part of gamestate.

Josh: Observer he/they

27-04-2022 08:39:58 UTC

@Gozherd Fair point - I’ve uploaded it as an element.

It’s also up for question whether I can even make an Argument; Memories of Atlantis have the implicit ability to do so (“but each Memory of Atlantis may only have one pending Argument at a time”) but Linguist Teams are endowed with no such permission.


27-04-2022 12:30:32 UTC

Wait, can you even create Elements then?

Josh: Observer he/they

27-04-2022 15:22:04 UTC

Possibly not, no!

I think that this all may be illegal, then.

Josh: Observer he/they

28-04-2022 12:06:14 UTC

I’m closing this off as having been illegal, to prevent it from being retroactively made legal by Forgiveness Not Permission and then having to be resolved as failed.