Sunday, June 25, 2017

Declaration of Victory: Artefact Smasher

Non-AGAINST votes do not exceed quorum. Failed by card.

Adminned at 26 Jun 2017 06:40:35 UTC

I win as per my scam explained HERE, but a quick summary: I’ve destroyed 10 Artefacts (via a scam), triggering “If three Artefacts have been destroyed, then the Explorer to have destroyed the most Artefacts (breaking ties in favour of the Explorer to have destroyed an Artefact most recently) has achieved victory.”

As per Kevan’s comment, I kind of should DoV based on my scam, so here it is.



06-25-2017 19:00:20 UTC

You could have just made a CfJ volunteering to bench yourself for 120 hours if the other one failed.

against As said on the CfJ, keyword definitions superseding their normal English meanings is not the same as pasting sentence fragments slap-bang over the top of other sentence fragments.


06-25-2017 19:07:22 UTC

@Kevan: I didn’t think of that, but it could make for a better DoV design. Perhaps alternate ways to DoV, depending on the shape/nature?


06-25-2017 21:13:12 UTC



06-25-2017 23:26:14 UTC



06-26-2017 00:15:11 UTC

against I ain’t no grammar expert, but I don’t think negation doesn’t work not like that.


06-26-2017 05:12:07 UTC