Friday, February 15, 2019

Proposal: Back and Forth

Reaches quorum/times out, 4-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 17 Feb 2019 13:00:37 UTC

If The Trading Post has not been enacted, this proposal has no effect.

Replace the text of “Locations” with the following:

Each Adventurer has a location tracked in the GNDT, which is either “Town” (the default) or “The Wilds”.

Adventurers can post a Travel Plan (TP) at any point by creating a blog comment on the most recent Respawn post describing a valid Location they wish to travel to.

An Adventurer can act on a TP that they have posted by changing their Location to the Location specified in that TP. They can only do so if:

* it is their most recent TP before the most recent Respawn, and
* they have not acted on a TP since the most recent Respawn.

Dynastic actions contingent on Location cannot be taken by an Adventurer if they can act on a TP.

Per pokes’ comment on “The Trading Post”, this would add usage to Locations. This also requires destinations to be announced in advance, which I think adds a bit of interest. Now, you would have to watch how much time you spend in Town in case a rare monster shows up in the Wilds.



15-02-2019 08:58:31 UTC

Could an Adventurer simply make sure their TP right before a Respawn is the opposite of where they are? Then, they could still be in either the Wilds or Town by staying put or switching.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

15-02-2019 09:08:58 UTC



15-02-2019 12:02:32 UTC

imperial This is maybe too fiddly, but I’m willing to see.


15-02-2019 12:17:58 UTC

If I understand this it might be functionally equivalent to setting each Adventurer’s movement points to 1 on a respawn, and Adventurers can spend one movement point to change locations


15-02-2019 14:30:07 UTC

[Zaphod] Not necessarily. The final sentence, if I have written it correctly, ensures that Adventurers can only perform actions contingent on Location if they’ve moved where they say they’re going to or haven’t said they will move.

[pokes] Pretty much, but see the stipulation described in the previous paragraph.


15-02-2019 20:23:11 UTC


derrick: he/him

16-02-2019 18:31:53 UTC


This works better with the new locations rule.