Monday, August 13, 2012

Proposal: Bakers of the Round Table

Quorums 6-0. — Quirck

Adminned at 15 Aug 2012 08:20:40 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule called “The Holy Circle” with the following text

Each Baker has a spot in the Holy Circle, tracked in the GNDT in a column called “Position”. Two Bakers cannot have the same Position. If there is a positive integer N such that a) no Baker has Position N and b) some Baker has position N+1, that Baker’s position immediately becomes N. Whenever a Baker unidles or joins the dynasty for the first time their Position becomes the smallest positive integer which is not currently a Position held by another Baker.

The Distance between any two Bakers with Position A and B, with B bigger than A, is equal to the minimum of B - A and A + T - B where T is the number of Bakers. Two Bakers are Adjacent if the Distance between them is 1. (Distance is commutative, so if B is less than A it would be equal to the minimum of A - B and B + T - A). The distance between a Baker and himself is zero.

Add a subrule to this rule called Holy War

Each Baker has a number of Hits, which is a non-negative integer tracked in a GNDT column called “Hits”.

If a Baker (the Attacker) possess a Cream Pie, they may reduce their number of Cream Pies by one, pick another Baker (the Target) other than himself and roll a DICE(N+1) where N is the distance between the two Bakers. If the result is a 1or N + 1, the Target is hit in the face by the Pie and their Hits are increased by one.

Roll a DICEN where N is the number of non-idle Bakers without a Position, and assign the Xth non-idle Baker without a Position the smallest positive integer which no other Baker currently has. Repeat this process until all non-idle Bakers have a Position.

So we’re all in a circle. Its easy to hit people next to you. But still possible to hit people further away.

Obviously rules for switching positions other than idling can come later.



13-08-2012 18:33:23 UTC


- I think we can (and should) remove the ” (Distance is commutative, so if B is less than A it would be equal to the minimum of A - B and B + T - A)” part. That part doesn’t actually make sense, since B has been defined as bigger than A anyway, and ‘distance’ is a very human notion, so I’m pretty sure we don’t need that explanation in the rules. Besides, an explanation has nothing to do in the rules - this is nomic, so we’re glad to talk about the rules outside the ruleset, but the distance is as it has been defined, and stating “it is commutative” doesn’t change its definition.

- The Hits miss a default value (of 0, apparently).

- Are you sure a roll of DICE(N+1) gives a value between 1 and N+1, and not between 0 and N? Anyway, you haven’t specified what the X was in “assign the Xth non-idle Baker”, though it is clearly meant to be the result of the roll.

Clucky: he/him

13-08-2012 19:01:30 UTC

If you have position five and I have position 1, someone might argue “The distance between Clucky and Koen is Min(5-1, 10-5) so 4, but the distance between Koen and Clucky is undefined because B < A in in that case”. So we need that point to clarify that you are choosing B to be the bigger one.

Why would DICE(N+1) give a value between 0 and N?

quirck: he/him

13-08-2012 19:04:21 UTC

Default is zero by default (“If a game variable has no defined starting value for new Bakers, or for existing Bakers upon the variable’s creation, then that starting value is zero (for numerical variables)”)


14-08-2012 04:42:34 UTC

imperial Unfair to whoever’s next to me.


14-08-2012 08:18:35 UTC

We dance whenever able.

quirck: he/him

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