Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Proposal: Base Camp

2 to 1 after 48 hours. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 13 Oct 2017 17:52:17 UTC

Under Locations append the text

If a Trick-or-Treater has no Tricks, Treats or Candy of any type, they may Return to Base. When a Trick-or-Treater returns to base they change their location to their costume’s base and gain 2 Tricks or 2 Treats.

Under Trick or Treat append the text

At any time a Trick-or-Treater may remove a Candy that they have to gain 1 Treat.

Amend the Costumes rule to

Each Trick-or-Treater has a Costume, tracked in the GNDT, and defaulting to “Human”. Each Costume has an associated Trick value, a Treat value and a Base Location, listed below. If they have not done so this Metadynasty, a Trick-or-Treater may change their costume to one of the following:

Human (0 Trick, 0 Treat, Main Street)
Prince or Princess (0 Trick, 3 Treat, Ominous Castle
Superhero (0 Trick, 2 Treat, Police Station)
Ghost (1 Trick, 1 Treat, Cemetery)
Skeleton (2 Trick, 1 Treat, Cemetery)
Witch or Wizard (3 Trick, 0 Treat, Spooky Woods)
Pirate (3 tricks, 0 Treats, Shipwreck)

Prince and Princess, and Witch and Wizard, are considered to be synonyms.

If the proposal Sneaking has not passed this proposal is considered to have ended at this sentence.

Append to Costumes

Since the Superhero and Ghost can fly they can move up to 3 locations in one “sneak out” action.
The Human can pick up dropped items at will.

Add a new rule “Scaring” with the text

When a Trick-or-Treater scares a location that is able to be scared, any entities, including Trick-or-Treaters, whose Trick value is lower or equal to the scarer becomes separate instances of a scaree for the purposes of this rule. A scaree drops a number of combination of the scarer’s choice of Candy, Treats or other items besides Tricks and Costumes, equal to the scarer’s Trick value minus the scaree’s Trick value plus one. If that value is negative the scarer must drop that many items or drop every item they have which meets the aforementioned criteria. The scarer may pick up any number of items as long as the number of dropped items are always greater than the sum of any negative values the scarer got. Any items still dropped are noted on the [[Pumpkin Boulevard]] wikipage along with the location that they are at.

Added some benefit to the Superhero and Ghost since their values only add up to 2 while every other costume besides Human adds to 3.

I don’t know if Scaring is too wordy, what do you think?



10-11-2017 18:00:11 UTC

you should probably amend the costumes rule, not append it.


10-11-2017 19:05:25 UTC

We have more than one Street now. The human camp should be changed to one of them, instead of the ambiguous “Street”


10-12-2017 13:37:30 UTC



10-13-2017 17:51:36 UTC