Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bathing rules clarification

In the Bathing Effects Table, the following is written:

1 The Scribe, after bathing, is in a good mood and decides to clean the Bathroom. The Scribe may decrease their own Stress by up to 6, but must reduce their Looks by 1.

The second sentence is somewhat ambiguous - does the reduction take place regardless of whether the Scribe has or has not decreased their Stress or does it happen only if they do reduce their Stress? Either way, the sentence can be reworded so that it unambiguously indicates one or the other.



10-07-2016 21:06:21 UTC

As I read it, if you bath and get this as the result, the stress reduction is optional but the looks reduction is mandatory.


10-07-2016 21:51:26 UTC

To me it reads more as Looks decreasing only if Stress decreases. This is exactly why I wanted to ask which it is and then make a proposal to change the wording to not be ambiguous.


10-07-2016 23:02:14 UTC

Stress is optional, Looks is mandatory.  I don’t see how you’re getting that it isn’t.

Brendan: he/him

11-07-2016 18:10:27 UTC

I can see where you’re coming from, ryagami. The potential interpretation would be “The Scribe may decrease their own Stress by up to 6, but [if they do so,] must reduce their Looks by 1.” Larry and Bucky’s interpretation would probably carry the day if it were contested, but this is a reasonable place for a clarifying Proposal.