Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Story Post: Battlefield Report: Opponent Analysis

They smell good. Full of vitality. One looked fat, his aura at least, but was in reality really stocky. Average regeneration abilities but it would take quite a number of hits for him to go down. The second one was almost vampiric: his every move inhaled ambient energy. This ability must be must something new since I hadn’t seen it the in the previous possession. Too bad for him that it seemed to be less effective in unholy places. I simply must report this back to HQ. I’m sure it takes a lot of focus to steal the vitality of your companions. The last one was most resilient. Every blow against him would seem to disappear in seconds, it took him some time to muster this power, so he would never be able to directly attack me if he wants to stay alive . . . still it’s pretty impressive to be hit for well over ones limit when adding all the strikes together and still stand.

Now you! Intern, take this fire recording back to Lilith’s receptionist and leave it for review. Quick! before these guys douse it out.


Kevan: HE/HIM

11-27-2019 13:23:15 UTC

Out of ammunition and seeing no more within safe reach at this end of the church, I threw my rifle to one side, and reached for my sword. Retreat was no longer an option when we didn’t know what this creature was capable of. Despite the sheen of rust and decay across the old blade, it was still sharp where it counted, and I stalked towards the monster that had replaced our old friend. The creature’s dark eyes were cold and unreadable as they scanned around the smouldering wreckage of the cathedral. Did it recognise us? Did it remember how we had fought alongside it? My skull still ached from the time when the monster had replaced me, or had become me, or I had become the monster. Whatever was happening in this accursed place had to be ended, and ended soon. I took another step towards the creature, and swung my sword to get its flickering attention.