Friday, March 17, 2017

Proposal: Protonymphs

Fewer than quorum not voting against, 1 to 7. Failed by Derrick

Adminned at 19 Mar 2017 13:06:02 UTC

Add a section called “Endgames”. Within it, add:

An Organ can achieve Victory via one of the following Win Conditions if the date is March 25th 2017 or later.

As a bullet below that, add:

Protonymph Win Condition: If an Organ at any time has 10 Protonymphs or more, and that Organ has more Protonymphs than the rest, they have achieved victory.

Add to the Medusa bullet in “Neighbors”:

A Medusa can have Fathers and Mothers. A Medusa’s Fathers and Mothers are the Fathers and Mothers of the Egg Cluster they originated from. Medusas have Protonymphs, 4 Protonymphs from its Mother, and the Father/s have 1 for each time they Fertilized it.

Protonymph number and Victory date thing can be adjusted, just let me know.



03-17-2017 23:48:20 UTC

Makes me not want to lay eggs.


03-17-2017 23:52:14 UTC

DW, my next proposal will be about that along other stuff.

Oracular rufio:

03-17-2017 23:57:54 UTC

I was tempted to just vote against this, but in the spirit of not being a dick I will simply share my thoughts for the time being:

- I don’t want winning to become about laying eggs all over the place.
- It’s very easy to become the father of an egg, it just takes one nutrient.  It’s much harder to be the mother and with this there is no incentive.
- I’ll automatically vote against any proposal with the phrase “alpha male” in it, so help me god.

In 5 hours and 20 minutes I will be back to vote against this proposal.


03-18-2017 00:01:40 UTC

Ah, hrm. With two people wanting eggs to have more merit, I’ll adjust this. No “next proposal” with egg stuff in it then, it will be included into this instead. Also, ty for the input.



03-18-2017 00:07:57 UTC

It’s not so much that eggs need more merit, but this proposal decreases the value of eggs. Why should you ever lay eggs if you’re practically giving victory to other players, and it costs you all four of your nutrients to do it!


03-18-2017 00:41:11 UTC

Alright, ready to go again.

Oracular rufio:

03-18-2017 00:41:20 UTC

I still don’t like it.  Thank you for taking “alpha male” out, though, I will not feel inclined to remove myself from the game if it passes.


03-18-2017 00:46:57 UTC

Well, OK. It still has the egg laying thing though, which I think is a thematically appropriate way to win (just personal preference, really). If not egg-laying, what do you think would be a good way to win?


03-18-2017 00:51:54 UTC

I’m sure if someone thinks of another good way to win, they’ll make a proposal for it.

Oracular rufio:

03-18-2017 00:57:46 UTC

I was actually thinking it should be something that can only be done when the creature is Fulfilled.  I still want to flesh out satisfaction a bit, but I need to wait for a proposal slot to open up.  Admins need to get on it, there are two proposals that can be adminned, and Bookkeeping will be in the same boat in an hour.


03-18-2017 01:00:28 UTC

Time for more admins to apply?


03-18-2017 01:02:13 UTC

Ah, that could be cool. Perhaps for that Fulfilled-required action we could have a special location that you can “climb” and attempt to reach the top, finally reaching out of the dark waters. Tossing ideas, really.


03-18-2017 02:58:27 UTC


Oracular rufio:

03-18-2017 03:29:41 UTC


derrick: HE/HIM

03-18-2017 12:29:41 UTC

I’m in favor of something like this, but I really want to make finishing the nymph both more expensive and not grant points the entire time. It will be really hard to change once people get serious enough about scoring proto-nymphs.


03-18-2017 15:06:21 UTC

against as per general feeling, seems not quite right.


03-18-2017 15:21:38 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

03-18-2017 15:52:07 UTC


derrick: HE/HIM

03-18-2017 22:26:44 UTC



03-18-2017 23:43:04 UTC