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Proposal: Blacklisted Directors

3-14, with one abstention.  Cannot be enacted w/o CoV, failed by Excalabur

Adminned at 08 Feb 2007 02:14:31 UTC

“You belong to _me!_” (Phantom of the Opera, 2004)

Part 1:
Proposed new rule, entitled “Blacklisted Directors”

At any time commencing at the beginning of the day on February 18, 2007, each Actor may add the name of one (1) Director (other than a Whitelisted Director) to eir “Filmography” subsection on the wiki, together with an indication that such Director is eir “Blacklisted Director”.  If a particular Director is an Actor’s “Blacklisted Director”, then no Actor (other than the Actor who lists that Director as eir “Blacklisted Director”) may add any Film directed by that Director to eir respective Filmography.  However, nothing in this Rule affects the validity of any Film added to a Filmography prior to February 18, 2007.  Once an Actor lists a particular Director as eir “Blacklisted Director”, no other Actor may choose that Director as eir “Blacklisted Director”.  Once an Actor lists a particular Director as eir “Blacklisted Director”, that choice may not be amended or revoked.

For the purposes of this Rule, the following definitions apply:

The term “Director” means an individual who is credited at as having been the director (as opposed to an art director, a second unit director or some other designation) of at least one Film.

A Film is “directed by” a particular individual if credits that individual as having directed that Film.  If credits more than one individual as having directed a Film, then for the purposes of this Rule the Film is deemed to have been “directed by” each of them individually.

The term “Whitelisted Director” means any individual who is listed on the following list:

- Steven Spielberg
- Alfred Hitchcock
- x

Part 2
During the voting on this Proposal, any Actor who casts a vote FOR the proposal may include, as part of the post containing eir vote, the names of up to two Directors, identified as that Actor’s “Whitelist Nominations”.  Only the names (if any) included in the post containing the Actor’s final vote on this Proposal will count.  If this Proposal is adopted, then substitute for “x” in the list of Whitelisted Directors the name or names of any one more Directors who are validly listed in the Whitelist Nominations of at least two different Actors.

Commentary: (this is not part of the Proposal)
The purpose of this Proposal is to add more strategy and drama to the selection of additions to a Filmography.  The built-in delay on the opportunity to choose a Blacklisted Director is intended to give everyone an opportunity to think carefully about choosing a director.  Nothing in this proposal requires an Actor to select films chosen by eir Blacklisted Director to add to eir Filmography, this Proposal simply provides a means for an Actor to block other Actors from adding particular films.  The “Whitelisted Director” clause is intended to ensure that Films directed by certain particular well-known or prolific directors remain unblocked by this rule (but also adds to the strategy, since an Actor’s adding particular whitelist names to a proposal may provide a clue into that Actor’s strategic thinking.



02-07-2007 16:51:41 UTC

for Good idea.
Francis Ford Coppola
Clint Eastwood


02-07-2007 16:51:53 UTC

against I don’t like “FOR” biased Proposals.


02-07-2007 16:53:59 UTC

However, the whole exclusion of those who don’t support the proposal has popped up again.


02-07-2007 16:56:58 UTC

It doesn’t really disadvantage those who vote “AGAINST”, since the only effect of the whitelist suggestions is to add to the content of the rule that will ultimately be evenly applicable to everyone.


02-07-2007 17:00:08 UTC

against Then why specify that only FOR votes can nominate?

In any case, I’d probably vote against anyway, on the simple grounds that I’d quite like being able to cross the picket and work with QT.


02-07-2007 17:14:35 UTC



02-07-2007 19:26:03 UTC



02-07-2007 20:01:48 UTC

Please to be putting “commentary” in the “comments” section.

for  against I’d like to keep real-world directors out of it as much as possible.  And the rush to add directors at midnight on the 18th is no fun.

Stanley Kubrick
Francis Ford Coppola


02-07-2007 20:04:59 UTC

against See what CP and Josh says. This is the same as the wealth thing. You shouldn’t favor those who like your proposal.


02-07-2007 20:08:42 UTC

Nice footwork, Hix.  Clever.


02-07-2007 20:12:46 UTC

“I’d like to keep real-world directors out of it as much as possible.”

Why is that, Hix?


02-07-2007 20:16:53 UTC

for George Lucas


02-07-2007 20:24:42 UTC

In case you missed it, Hix has demonstrated a valid method of voting “AGAINST” but nonetheless making whitelist proposals.


02-07-2007 20:24:49 UTC

Because we’re creating our own game here.  I’d prefer to work in a universe of our own designing.  We’ve already hijacked the Film titles and years and roles from imdb, and I’m hoping it will stop there.  If we want directors, let’s invent our own.  If we want “6 degrees”, let’s base it on our Filmographies only, not real-world actors.


02-07-2007 20:33:45 UTC

That’s one valid perspective.  Another is that the database can be used as a virtual game board.

Angry Grasshopper:

02-07-2007 21:43:50 UTC

I don’t have any problem with using anything from the so called ‘real world’ for our games.

While it is good to make sure that your proposals don’t contain any nasty loopholes, they don’t have to be as rigorous as court briefs (or other such legal documents that I have scanty knowledge of).

I am always tempted to vote AGAINST a proposal that I can’t read and understand on the first go-through, just out of sheer perversity.

Anyway, I like it. If it passes I’m sure we’ll propose to amend the language for readability.


Stanley Kubrick
Jean-Pierre Jeunet


02-07-2007 21:44:21 UTC

against You realise this can be abused with multiple for votes to whitelist every director you want to…


02-07-2007 22:30:41 UTC

“Only the names (if any) included in the post containing the Actor’s final vote on this Proposal will count.”


02-07-2007 22:33:32 UTC

no!!! stanley! i so wanted to blacklist stanley Kubrick


02-07-2007 22:38:05 UTC



02-07-2007 22:44:06 UTC

Correction: 3-7…wait wait wait…
CoV:  against Siding with the dissaffected on this. They have a point.
Correction: 2-8…


02-07-2007 22:46:40 UTC

disaffected FTW

Elias IX:

02-07-2007 22:54:36 UTC



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02-08-2007 05:54:28 UTC

actually,  imperial