Sunday, April 17, 2011

BNScript issues.

I have been having some issues with BNScript Recently. (also known as SparrowScript, and AlethioScript, and, for a short time, SparrowAlethioLiloCopproScript)
I am trying to track down the problem, but I need a copy of the script from when it worked. So, If anyone who has a working copy could contact me, I would appreciate it.

How to tell if your script is working properly: Verify that you have ais523 set as the current Emperor. Visit and look at the vote count at the top. If it reads “Vetoed; 1-12-1” then you have a working copy.



17-04-2011 17:34:40 UTC

There was a bug in the script in that it wasn’t loading the emperor properly. I have a fixed version; I forget how we uploaded them.

Roujo: he/him

17-04-2011 18:58:08 UTC

Heh. My copy of the script is also broken, it seems. =P


17-04-2011 19:02:36 UTC

Mine reads only 1-12-1 does that count as broken? Some time ago I had problems when there was an update for Greasemonkey. However I can’t remember which version made the trouble.


17-04-2011 19:38:24 UTC

Works for me.


17-04-2011 21:30:41 UTC

Darth, can you email me the code of your script, coppro as well? I’m playing around with diffs now to try and see what is broken.

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