Thursday, March 16, 2017

Proposal: Bookkeeping

Reached Quorum 7 to 1. Enacted by Derrick

Adminned at 18 Mar 2017 20:45:41 UTC

If the proposal “Clean your plate” has not passed, change the “Beak” bullet point in the “Anatomy” rule to

Beak: As a daily action, if a Creature is in a Location that also contains a Reef and at least one Organ belonging to that Creature has the Ocellus state, an Organ belonging to that Creature that is in the Beak state may consume one Micronium to add 3 Nonium and 3 Blonium to the Statolith’s nutrients. This action fulfills Hunger.

Remove the sentence “gathering ambient nutrients reduces hunger by 2 for every five nutrients added to the statolith.” from the “Habitat” rule.

Replace the sentence after “Actions can “fulfill” a creature’s moods.” in the “Moods” rule with

If an action fullfills a mood, and that mood is the highest or tied for the highest of that creature’s moods and is greater than zero, that mood decreases by one, and the organ may take up to 2 nutrients from the statolith, if the statolith has them, and its creature’s Satisfaction Level increases by 1.

Eating and gathering ambient nutrients don’t need to explicitly reduce hunger anymore, now that they are properly defined as “fulfulling hunger”, which will reduce hunger in appropriate situations.  Also, we don’t want to be able to fulfill moods when all moods are zero.



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For the next time I won’t vote immediately like this, but man, stop doing lockdowns on people, please Oracular.

Oracular rufio:

03-16-2017 02:28:30 UTC

You’ve done the same thing more often than I have.  I voted for the other proposal because it was simple and it didn’t seem like we’d need to have a long discussion about it.  I voted against yours because I wasn’t interested in the mechanic even if the proposal got fixed.

Oracular rufio:

03-16-2017 02:29:56 UTC

Also, if you think this bothers me, think again.  Last time I was here proposals couldn’t be edited at all.  If it needs a change I’ll just repropose like we did back then.


03-16-2017 03:07:46 UTC

Well, alright. Awkwardly that’s actually good, because I shouldn’t be vigilante-ing bad behavior in the first place really. I apologize if I do unnecessary stuff that I can avoid that annoys you.


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