Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Story Post: Boot Camp Supply Delivery Mission Hand-in

Boot Camp is swarming with big-footed Explorers again! The Camp has been refurnished and there is now plenty of food for all the hungry Explorers: leather roast, lace soup, and the chef’s special tough-as-old-boots bear steak.
There has been some criticism that some not-so-hardy Explorers have legislated those supplies into existence instead of braving the Antarctica colds for a few supplies more.

The Mission is “Boot Camp Supply Delivery”, the Participants are Publius Scribonius Scholasticus, orkboi, Cpt_Koen, Card, Gaelan, Cuddlebeam, Kevan and Pokes.

As per rule “Expedition Leading”, I have set that Mission’s Status from “Pending” to “Completed”.



06-06-2017 22:30:15 UTC

“Participants are Publius Scribonius Scholasticus, orkboi, Cpt_Koen, Card, Gaelan, Cuddlebeam, Kevan and Pokes.”

So, crossing off the “Current Active Players”:
x card*
x Cpt_Koen
x Cuddlebeam
x Gaelan
x Kevan*
x orkboi
x pokes*
x Publius Scribonius Scholasticus

The only non-Emperor person who didn’t go for the cheap doggos is duck unfortunately. I think this is testament to that we’re all pretty active, which is good.

(Although this kind of simply pushes back newcomers, when it comes to overall profit, because we’ve all done the same thing unless Dogs are somehow worth less than the 2-3 Supplies we’ve each “paid” for them. I don’t like rewarding based on simply being active and doing a trivial thing but oh well.)


06-06-2017 23:44:44 UTC

Well, my plan originally was to take 4 times 10 debts and smuggle up to 50 supplies before too many Explorers could participate. But it turns out taking on debts is a daily action, so that would have taken four days to pull off.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

07-06-2017 08:10:01 UTC

Is there a reason we didn’t get any Dog Sleds?


07-06-2017 12:34:40 UTC

If I read the ruleset right, the participants can only set the Mission’s status to Completed. The rewards have to be taken care of by the Expedition Leader.

From rule “Expedition Leading”:

When a Mission’s Goal has been met, any Explorer (who is a Participant of that Mission’s Goal) can set that Mission’s Status from “Pending” to “Completed” with a “Mission Hand-in” public blog post, which must state the Mission and Participants involved.

The Expedition Leader may then Stamp a Mission Hand-in post, by making a comment to that post with the image of a stamp and increasing Amount of Missions Completed by one. When this happens, all Participants gain the Reward each. If the completed Missions “Secret Treasure” value is “Double Reward”, they each gain twice the Reward instead. If the completed Missions “Secret Treasure” value is “Eldritch Horror”, they gain no Reward and the Ancient One’s Satisfaction increases by 10.


13-06-2017 17:50:14 UTC