Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Proposal: Bribes, II

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A new rule called “Bribes”. Second attempt, with suggested changes:

When writing a proposal, an Olympian may offer TP to be given to the first X number of Olympians to approve eir proposal. If another Olympian votes FOR the proposal, they shall be given that number of TP and it shall be subtracted from the author’s TP. In the case that an Olympian within the bribe range (for example, sixth olympian to vote when 10 have been offered the bribe) votes AGAINST the proposal, one less Olympian may take the bribe and the author shall not lose those TP. No other attributes may be traded. A veto will return all bribed-away TP to the author. If the proposal fails, Olympians who took the bribe will retain the bribed TP.
If an Olympian votes AGAINST, e can never accept the bribe; if e votes FOR, and later votes AGAINST, e loses the bribe (forever) and no one else can take the lost bribe.
There is no limit on complexity of TP offers (5 to the first voter, 4 to the next, etc, or simple flat TP rates) as long as the author will have 0 or more TP after the bribe is complete.
Only the first vote by an Olympian affects how many others can take a bribe after the vote. One Olympian voting FOR and AGAINST 10 times would only prevent 1 Olympian from taking the bribe, not 10.



01-16-2007 22:31:14 UTC

against Still seems needlessly complex.

Also, let’s say A bribes 5 TP to the first Olympian to approve A’s proposal.  If B votes for, then changes to against, do the 5 TP get restored to A, or do they get destroyed?  Your proposal doesn’t answer this.  (And I wouldn’t vote for it even if this were answered.)

Conceptually, wouldn’t it work better for Olympians to negotiate bribes-for-votes on an individual-to-individual basis?  To accommodate that, all you need to do is have the rules permit one Olympian to transfer up to all of their TP to any other Olympian, and some way of enforcing the commitment that the recipient of the TP is offering in exchange for the TP.


01-16-2007 23:17:03 UTC



01-17-2007 02:19:33 UTC

In your case, my rule explicitly defines what would happen. B effectively “burns” the bribe and no one can get it.


01-17-2007 02:20:36 UTC

Also, has there been any recent bribing? I don’t believe so. It should be a well-defined option we can consider when writing proposals.

Elias IX:

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01-18-2007 13:48:32 UTC

imperial Just reword it to be a lot less wordy, and see what people think.