Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Proposal: Burrowing

Self Killed. Failed by Derrick.

Adminned at 17 Mar 2017 18:02:03 UTC

Within “Egg Clusters”, add a section called “Burrowing”. Within it, add:

Egg Clusters can be in a Burrowed status, and are not in that status by default. Burrowed Egg Clusters are privately tracked by the Statolith instead of the Map Habitat, and cannot be interacted with except by its Parents, the Statolith, or an Earth Smash. Once it’s interacted with by its Parents, it loses the Burrowed status.

Organs in the Limb State may Dig a Hole for an Egg Cluster they are a Parent of, by paying 2 Gonium and performing the following as an atomic action:
-Privately communicating to the Statolith a location which is either their current location or a cell adjacent (North, South, West or East) to it. This is the Burrow Location for the purpose of an instance of this process.
-Removing the targeted Egg Cluster. That Egg Cluster was the Chosen Egg Cluster for the purpose of an instance of this process.
-Making a Blog post announcing this. This is the Burrow Post for the purpose of an instance of this process.

The Statolith may then perform the following as an Atomic Action:
-Restoring the Chosen Egg Cluster and changing its Location to the Burrow Location.
-Granting it the Burrowed status.
-Making a comment to the Burrow Post stating that the Burrow has been completed.

Also add:

An Organ in the Limb state may perform an Earth Smash by paying 2 Nonium and making a blog post announcing this, and their current Location (This is the Smash Location for the purpose of an instance of this process). The Statolith may then make Destroyed all Burrowed Egg Clusters at the Smash Location along a comment in the Earth Smash Blogpost stating the Egg Cluster causalities.

I know that this puts Egg Clusters in a sort of limbo before being burrowed, but this prevents sabotage and weirdness during the process because Viv isn’t going to be always online to make this seamless. Feel free to mess with the eggs once the process is done, though.


Oracular rufio:

03-15-2017 21:31:04 UTC

against This just looks like a way to teleport eggs.  Bury them, which you don’t even need to be anywhere near them to do, and then interact with them in some way, which unburrows them.  Other than that, there is no purpose to this.


03-15-2017 21:37:18 UTC

I like the idea. Location was sadly missed, and then voted against before it could be fixed. I look forward to a take 2. against


03-15-2017 23:28:32 UTC

against For now, I’ve got my fill of secret information rules from the last dynasty.


03-15-2017 23:57:58 UTC

I don’t see why anyone would want to bury their eggs against


03-16-2017 14:46:16 UTC

To prevent them from being destroyed. If cuddlebeam hadn’t laid his eggs in a brine pool (where neighbors can’t be diverted to), that egg cluster would be destroyed right now when someone (such as me) moved a neighbor on top of them.


03-17-2017 05:42:58 UTC

against Unlikely going to turn around.