Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Call for Judgment: Call for Judgment: Sheep: singular or plural? (fixed)

Times out and fails 6-7. Fails. ~lilomar

Adminned at 16 Apr 2011 17:06:33 UTC

If this CfJ passes, change all examples of Sheep as a plural to Sheeps and add the following as a dynastic rule:

Terminology: the word “Sheep” refers to a single entity and never multiple entities, similar to the word “Player”. The word “Sheeps” may refer to any number of entities, similar to the word “Players”.

The term “any player” was common in the last dynasty and “any caveman” in the one before it. If we use “any Sheep” in the same way, some people might interpret it instead as referring to multiple individuals, or might run scams citing this common English usage.



12-04-2011 20:04:27 UTC



12-04-2011 20:04:44 UTC

(abstaining, before anyone asks)

Josh: he/him

12-04-2011 20:05:33 UTC

against but only because “sheeps” is ugly ^_^


12-04-2011 20:13:25 UTC

How hard is it to say “any one or more Sheep”?


12-04-2011 20:18:00 UTC

It’s not, but there are currently proposals that simply say “any Sheep”, which is ambiguous.

Personally I really don’t care, as long as we all agree one way or another at the start so it doesn’t become a problem later.

Darknight: he/him

12-04-2011 20:21:39 UTC

against and sheep as a word counts as both the singular and plural, at least in the US anyway.


12-04-2011 21:08:56 UTC

for Clarity is good.


12-04-2011 21:53:47 UTC

for I like the word “sheeps”


12-04-2011 22:56:08 UTC

for yay “sheeps!”

Roujo: he/him

13-04-2011 00:53:33 UTC

for Moutons! =D


13-04-2011 02:11:58 UTC

against Make it clear in the rule. This will probably cause more confusion.


13-04-2011 02:26:30 UTC



13-04-2011 03:13:23 UTC

against “any player” by default would refer to all players, so why is “any sheep” different from “sheep”?

And it would only be fitting thematically for this dynasty to be won by a scam based around the the bureaucracy of the word “sheep”...


13-04-2011 07:26:55 UTC

Darknight: that’s almost “woooosh”-worthy.

against Although I might vote for ‘sheepies’ as an alternative.


13-04-2011 15:30:05 UTC

for This may be a bit silly, but it’s a good way to avoid potential problems and to pursue a clarification.


13-04-2011 19:45:13 UTC

@Travis: For future note: you don’t need to type “Call For Judgement:” at the beginning of the title, like with Proposals, the blog software takes care of it.


13-04-2011 19:50:30 UTC

Oops, I cut and pasted the title from the last one.


13-04-2011 21:32:28 UTC

against CoV now that I think of it.


14-04-2011 16:14:40 UTC

@Darth Cliche:  What does CoV mean, if you don’t mind my asking?

Josh: he/him

14-04-2011 17:36:12 UTC

Change of Vote, isn’t it?


14-04-2011 18:44:44 UTC

The Blognomic Jargon Page is rather useful when trying to figure out various TLA’s we use.


14-04-2011 20:53:33 UTC

Ironically, TLA is not one of the TLA’s defined on that page.


14-04-2011 21:06:26 UTC