Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Story Post: Case 18: Elizabeth v. Anne

In this Malpractice case, Elizabeth accuses Anne of having insufficiently practiced her portion of a duet performed during karaoke at a gathering. The Judge knows this isn’t what “malpractice” means, and even if it were there are unlikely to be actual damages here, but the paperwork is properly filed. What are you gonna do.



19-12-2018 17:02:58 UTC

for Your Honor, I present Exhibit A, the definition of “malpractice” as it is found in the Oxford English Dictionary.


21-12-2018 01:46:18 UTC

Sure enough, it’s right there in the Dictionary. This case is closed. Elizabeth is the winner, and the fine is $72,090. Anne will think twice about such egregious malpractice from now on.