Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Chaos Ensues

Cayvie, eljefe, Kels, spikebrennan, and Wooble go idle, SingularByte and Darth Cliche go idle by request, Darth Cliche changes his mind and unidles, and Wakukee joins (I will pm you your GNDT password).

When the dust settles, quorum drops to 10.



01-06-2009 23:04:45 UTC

Chaos indeed.


01-06-2009 23:05:26 UTC

You know, I’m glad so many people idled. The game is best with a low quorum.


01-06-2009 23:08:06 UTC

I agree.  Although I think a lot of very active players can be a lot better than a few sparsely active players.


01-07-2009 00:09:06 UTC

Oh I think we’re active enough now that the holidays are done lol


01-07-2009 00:16:41 UTC

Apparently not, seeing as how 6 people just went idle.