Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Proposal: Character Development

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 24 Jan 2018 18:55:52 UTC

Add to the ruleset the following rule called “Character Development”:

Once ever and by making a post for this purpose, Residents can gain a “Character Development” of their choice - one of the effects listed below. A Resident has by default no Character Development and each Resident’s Character Development is tracked in a GNDT column called “Char. Devel.”.

-Thinking outside the Box: You have ascended above the crates and worldly possessions. Triple your Health and Alertness. You lose all of your items, and any items you gain are removed from play.
-Worth a Billion Box: Gain three non-Unique Supplies of your choice.
-Professional Boxer: Instead of taking a Supply from a Crate, you can slam someone with the box itself, making them lose 2 Alertness.
-Boxed In: Declare a Favorite Item in the Character Development post which would make you gain this. You always, instead of taking a Supply from a Crate, gain another instance of your Favorite Item, if it is possible to do so.
-Jack-in-the…: You’ve got tricks to always be nimble and quick. Instead of taking an item from a Crate, you can set your Alertness to be half the amount (rounding down) of Alertness that another Resident has.

Permanent choices for special Crate powers to shake things up and have more routes for Crate play (Seems to just be a single choice right now of choosing where on the Alertness gradient you want to be, and just hoarding with the remainder)



01-23-2018 20:47:50 UTC

“Instead of taking an item from a crate” wouldn’t that mean you can simply take an item from a crate right after since you never actually took the action?


01-23-2018 20:54:44 UTC



01-23-2018 21:46:30 UTC

Isn’t Jack-in-the…‘s effect negative?


01-23-2018 22:06:23 UTC

Not in the right context.


01-23-2018 23:46:05 UTC

against since the professional boxer allows you to set everyone else’s alertness to 0, via doing that action instead of taking an item over and over again.


01-23-2018 23:58:36 UTC

Goddammit lol. Why not play aloooong and abuse it toooo.  against


01-24-2018 08:23:46 UTC