Thursday, November 21, 2019

Checking out

In the sub-rule “Inactive Vanguards”, add a new paragraph as follows:

During a Battle, any Adventurer who is not Unconscious or the Monster may add an asterisk to their own name on their character sheet; from that moment and until the end of the Battle then occurring, that Adventurer is considered to be Weary.

Oops; I forgot I already had two proposals up. Changing this to a regular post. Anyone can take it up, though; I’ll still vote for it.



11-21-2019 10:37:33 UTC

veto yehs helo it is i the me


11-21-2019 10:38:17 UTC

That aside I’d likely DEF as usual if this was a real proposal

The Duke of Waltham:

11-21-2019 13:50:50 UTC

I’d likely feign surprise in response.