Friday, November 06, 2009

Proposal: Clarifying “Sequence”

Self-killed. Josh

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Part 1:
Add a rule entitled “Definitions”, as follows:

The term “Sequence” means an expressly-designated series of one or more consecutive Runes from left to right, without intervening Runes.  For example, given a Workbench that consists of the Runes “PRSTAX” (from left to right), the Sequences “S”, “PRS”, “RSTAX” and “TA” exist in that Workbench, but the Sequence “PST” does not (due to the intervening ‘R’), nor does the Sequence “ATSR” (since the Runes are not in the Workbench in that order from left to right).

Part 2: Wherever the term “subsequence” appears in the Ruleset, change it to “Sequence”.



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11-06-2009 15:39:19 UTC

against  against “Sequence” and “Subsequence” are already well-defined terms, and their normal definitions should suffice.  If people insist on having them in the rules, though, I volunteer to write up a rule that is consistent with how I have used it in my earlier proposal.

For example, what you call a “Sequence” is what would normally be called something like a “Consecutive Subsequence”


11-06-2009 15:54:40 UTC

s/k per Hix
my proposed definition really means “Consecutive Sequence” (or possibly “Consecutive Subsequence”.

Watch this space for properly-thought-out definitions of “Sequence”, “Subsequence”, “Consecutive”, etc.


11-06-2009 16:12:23 UTC

against  Nontrivial

Ienpw III:

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