Saturday, July 17, 2021

Proposal: Cleaning up the remaining cases of untracked Purity

Enacted 6-0. Josh

Adminned at 19 Jul 2021 08:33:21 UTC

To the end of the first paragraph of “Purification”, append

Richardo’s starting location can never be Purified; if a room ever becomes Richardo’s starting location, it ceases to be Purified.

and in the same rule, change

Ritual Chambers may never become Purified.


Ritual Chambers can never be Purified.


If a Purified room is ever the location of a Vampire Lord’s Sepulchre, any Vampire Lord or Richardo von Nestor may set that Vampire Lord’s Sepulchre to be empty.


Purified rooms can never be the location of a Vampire Lord’s Sepulchre; if a room becomes Purified while a Vampire Lord’s Sepulchre, that Vampire Lord is set to have no Sepulchre.

If “Absence of Impurity” was enacted, also change

The Vampire Lord carrying out this action chooses any Lit Room with no effects that is not a Ritual Chamber or a Sepulchre.


The Vampire Lord carrying out this action chooses any Lit Room with no effects that is not a Ritual Chamber, a Sepulchre, or Richardo’s starting location.

in the text it added to the Ruleset.

“United Colors” causes purification status to unambiguously become untracked for Sepulchresand Richardo’s starting location (there isn’t a way you can calculate it from tracked variables because those rooms have a background colour override, and therefore their Purification status wouldn’t show up in the background colour) – it also causes it to ambiguously become untracked for Ritual Chambers (which can never “become” Purified, but that doesn’t completely discount the possibility that they actually *are* Purified – a common scam in Nomics is to create things in a state that they could never legally get themselves into after creation). Additionally, there are circumstances in which at least Richardo’s starting location genuinely *could* be a Purified room, so we can’t rely on “there’s no way this room could have become Purified, therefore it’s unPurified”.

This proposal makes it so that rooms with a background colour override can never be Purified (the starting location is automatically unPurified, as are Ritual Chambers, and the removal of Sepulchres in Purified rooms is set to happen immediately rather than waiting for someone to do it manually, so that there can never be a period of time in which a room is Purified and a Sepulchre simultaneously). It also prevents them being Cleansed, to avoid the weirdness that would happen if you could Cleanse a room without Purifying it as a consequence.

This is necessary to avoid the introduction/reintroduction of an untracked variable if “United Colors” passes, and arguably also in the current gamestate if “Purity, untracked” fails. It still makes sense as a standalone proposal even if “United Colors” fails, but in that case, it’s just a pure (if very minor) gameplay change rather than something that’s necessary to avoid breakage.


Clucky: he/him

17-07-2021 17:42:07 UTC

It might still be good to separately track the list of purified rooms from the list of lit rooms. This would save issues where like, there is no starting location so a random one is picked which happens to be purified.

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18-07-2021 03:10:20 UTC


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18-07-2021 06:16:38 UTC


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18-07-2021 10:26:32 UTC


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18-07-2021 23:10:16 UTC


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19-07-2021 05:30:23 UTC