Thursday, October 15, 2020

Clucky’s Round 6 Turn

Contain: Rolled an 91
Roll: 2 Folliage, 2+1 Land, 270 Mana
Shift: Pressure is now 1
Consume: Nothing happens

Extrude: Take the Scree Slope
Germinate: do not take this action
Deposit: do not take this action
Glisten: do not take this action

Adjust: Perform an Adjustment as per the rule Adjustments.
Remove 4 no effects: 120 mana, 150 mana left
Remove 3 1 Foliage from Green, 60 mana, 90 mana left
Remove 1 1 animal biomass from red, 20 mana, 70 mana left
Increase remaining face on Red and Green dice by 3 each, 60 mana, 10 mana left
Increase 2 land face on brown be 1, 10 mana, 0 mana left

Vitalise: gain 6 mana


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