Saturday, February 12, 2022

Proposal: Collabs

Enacted 11-0. Josh

Adminned at 12 Feb 2022 21:44:45 UTC

Set the special case rule No Collaborations to inactive.

It’s a little hostile to try to change one of the emperor’s Ascension decisions a day after it was made - for which, you know, sorry - but No Collabs is generally dislike as a mechanic, and while I’m not reflexively against it I do think it needs to be justified as supporting a specific mechanic. While this dynasty is amorphous I think it makes more sense to start from a position of regular conversation being permitted, before turning No Collabs back on if justified or necessary.


wdtefv: hu/hum

12-02-2022 00:22:05 UTC


Lulu: she/her

12-02-2022 00:23:27 UTC



12-02-2022 00:33:33 UTC

for Would vote to bring it back if we create some kind of secret roles mechanic.

Thunder: he/him

12-02-2022 00:57:46 UTC


redtara: they/them

12-02-2022 01:37:33 UTC


Clucky: he/him

12-02-2022 02:57:02 UTC

would need to be careful about bringing it back—make sure people don’t use collabs to communicate a code with each other prior to the rule that turns it on gets passed. but I do agree, unless Jumble has a compelling mechanical reason for it to be on its best to keep it off. And there does not appear to be a compelling mechanical reason


Brendan: he/him

12-02-2022 04:47:22 UTC



12-02-2022 05:45:28 UTC

One more FOR vote needed. (redtara’s DEF won’t resolve while Jumble votes DEF.)

Darknight: he/him

12-02-2022 15:39:21 UTC


Snisbo: she/they

12-02-2022 15:44:03 UTC


Raven1207: he/they

12-02-2022 16:15:23 UTC


Zack: he/him

12-02-2022 16:23:24 UTC