Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Colors &c

As you should be able to see, I’ve gone ahead and changed the color scheme and banner to something simple and very different. I wanted to do this 1) to signal to idle players/visitors that a new dynasty has begun, and 2) to psychologically separate ourselves from the previous theme. But (especially because I am not the emperor) the current configuration needn’t be permanent for the remainder of the dynasty. Once we have a sense of where we’re going, we probably should change it to something more appropriate.

The painting in the banner is part of Whistler’s “Crepuscule in Opal Trouville”.



17-07-2013 06:43:08 UTC

I like it.


17-07-2013 07:29:50 UTC

I believe that we have a way of adding the top banner to the blognomic site, rather than linking out to other sites. You’ll have to ask Kevan to do it, though.


17-07-2013 11:36:17 UTC

Yeah, I think you have to upload it to the wiki, which I don’t know how to do.