Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Proposal: Constructivist Tendencies

Self Killed—arth

Adminned at 06 Nov 2008 13:22:40 UTC

Add the following to the List of Valid Items:

Rusty Chain (RC): Weapon. When tied with an armed opponent, disarms that opponent. Rusty Chain beats Grab.
Spiky Shield (SS): Armor. Guards against Punch, Kick or Weapon, unless used as a Combo.
Health Stone (HS): When used during Combat, Heals the user twice if not already Healthy, and then is dropped.
Cursed Blade (CB): Weapon. All damage received or dealt is Crushing Damage. Any weapon beats Cursed Blade.

If more than half of all comments containing counted FOR votes also contain the name of an item from the List of Valid Items, then each Clansmen who voted FOR on this proposal may add the item named in their FOR vote to their inventory once, within 24 hours if the passing of this proposal by spending 2 Honor.




11-05-2008 22:25:12 UTC

against The rusty chain doesn’t have any way to beat it. Cursed blade can’t beat anything. It seems implied that they aren’t as imbalanced but I think it need to be explicitly stated.


11-05-2008 22:39:34 UTC

against .  In addition to some balance issues like the one Singular pointed out, I object to the bribery for voting FOR.


11-06-2008 00:18:22 UTC


Hello Sailor:

11-06-2008 17:10:18 UTC



11-06-2008 17:48:08 UTC



11-06-2008 20:02:51 UTC



11-06-2008 21:22:15 UTC

against S/K due to underwhelming support.