Thursday, June 19, 2008

Proposal: Continuing Spacebattles

reached a quorum, final vote 1-5—Yoda

Adminned at 20 Jun 2008 06:54:15 UTC

Create a new subrule of Spacecraft Battles titled Bombadier Actions:

Bombadiers of a spacecraft may, as a Bombadier Action, choose one weapon and one target.  The weapon must be on the same spacecraft as the selecting Bombadier.  The target may be any spacecraft on the opposite side of the Bombadier.

Add the following text to the subrule Actions Order:

Bombadier Actions come after Pilot Actions, in ascending order of spacecraft Size.

Add the following text to the ends of subrules 2.6.1 Piloting and 2.6.2 Gunnery:

All Planar Entities have this skill as well.

Set all Planar Entities’ piloting and gunnery skills to whatever the DDA Commander chooses.

I’m adding a bit here.



19-06-2008 17:14:48 UTC

Look, I know this does not get even close to completing Bombadier Actions.  I want Devenger to complete them.

This is just to get spacecraft back on track.


19-06-2008 17:25:26 UTC

Oi, how weren’t they on track! After tomorrow, I’ll have all the time in the world to finish up spacebattles. Recently, I’ve been trapped revising, mostly.

for though because it’s what I would probably have done anyway


19-06-2008 19:42:38 UTC

imperial Did we agree to do 1 bombadier per weapon or the same power per bombadier?

Also, “The target may be any spacecraft on the opposite side of the Bombadier.”  What does this mean?


20-06-2008 01:38:23 UTC


Darknight: he/him

20-06-2008 04:02:17 UTC



20-06-2008 06:40:43 UTC

against “any spacecraft on the opposite side of the bombadier” is intended to mean an enemy. That strange wording that does not seem to be used in the other spacecraft rules is mainly my reason for my non-support of this rule.


20-06-2008 11:47:37 UTC

against Didn’t notice the ambiguous targetting. If Rodlen doesn’t resubmit this, I’ll ensure I’m explicit on that.


20-06-2008 13:22:50 UTC

against COV