Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ignore this, please




01-30-2020 21:12:52 UTC

This is duplicated

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

01-30-2020 21:24:59 UTC

Yeah… I clicked on “Save Revision”, realised my error and immediately clicked on “Submit”. This was also an error, because both my actions resulted in the publication of the post. Ugh.

Am I breaking the rules by unchecking the “Proposal” box?

“An official post may only be removed as allowed by the Ruleset. An official post may be altered by its author if it is less than two hours old and either no Individual has commented on it or (if it is a Votable Matter) if all comments on it contain no voting icons; otherwise this can only be done as allowed by the Ruleset. However, despite this, official posts can never be changed from one category to another, or changed to be a different sort of official post, if they have been posted for more than fifteen minutes.”

I am not removing an official post in the sense of deleting it, because I have no way of doing that; I am also not making it a different sort of official post or moving it to a different category (though I’m not entirely sure about the exact meaning of these terms). I’m just making it no longer be an official post, which seems not to be mentioned. Hm.

If duplicates are not covered by the fifteen-minute rule, they probably ought to, considering how easy the software makes it to mess up like this.


01-30-2020 21:38:46 UTC

You altered it, its alright imo.


01-30-2020 21:39:56 UTC

(There is no limit to the scope of alteration so you could’ve altered its Enacted/Pending/etc status too imo…)


01-31-2020 00:35:18 UTC

[Cuddlebeam] proposals can’t be enacted without at least another vote by someone other than their author.

Tantusar: HE/THEY

01-31-2020 00:48:11 UTC

I dunno about you, but I’m certainly not going to call a CfJ over a technical fumble outside your control.

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

01-31-2020 01:03:17 UTC

[Tantusar] I wouldn’t either, but I’m still interested in the legal aspect. It’s useful knowledge for the future, regarding whether I lose my proposal slot or not, and it might point towards an improvement to the rule.