Thursday, January 04, 2018

Call for Judgment: cover all bases and sanatize inputs

enacted via scam - card

Adminned at 04 Jan 2018 18:31:19 UTC

If the game is in Hiatus, end Hiatus.

If any actions were take between 4th of Jan 2018 and the enactment of this CfJ, inclusive, were done in Haitus and broke no rules other than being done in Haitus, make them legal.

If Cuddlebeam is The Director, remove that title from Cuddlebeam and make Diabecko The Director.

Append to the second paragraph of Gamestate Tracking

An offical blog post that has the status of Enacted or Failed cannot change categories. An official blog post’s status may never be altered except in accordance with the rules that define that official post.

Fail the DoV CuddleSkip.

Cuddlebeam missed something in their scam, and that is the fact that the representation of a blog’s status in expression engine actually is the current status of a post. The GNDT and even ruleset have clauses stating that they are merely representations of the ruleset which implies if those descriptions are not there then the representation is the gamestate. Since the Orphanage rule only tracks variables, player’s cannot change variables that they could not otherwise do under their restrictions; one of which might be not being an admin and therefore being unable to change the gamestate variable of a post’s status.

Regardless of whether you agree with the above Cuddlebeam has forgotten to close the loophole, so other people can do this same scam.

Also note that “a word only refers to the name of a Failed Experiment if it is explicitly stated that it refers to a Failed Experiment’s name.” only applies within the ruleset and not proposals/cfjs.

For future rule making, this simply forces that any non-standard official posts that change status must have their status changing rules located where that post is defined.


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