Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Proposal: Cultist Sacrifice

Quorum of AGAINST votes. Failed 1 vote to 6. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 08 Jun 2017 14:00:09 UTC

Add to the Cultist’s powers in “Backgrounds”:

A Cultist can, at-will but only once ever during this dynasty, Ritually Sacrifice themselves by making a public post for this purpose and indicating a Target. The Expedition Leader shall then Witness this post in a timely fashion by replying to such a post, indicating this event. When this happens, the Cultist is Idled, and cannot be Unidle for the rest of the dynasty and the Target gains 20 Supplies and 2 Dog Sleds.

Add to “Backgrounds”:

If a non-Cultist does a post in the format of a Ritual Sacrifice, the Expedition Leader shall then Give Their Condolences and from then on, that Explorer is Idled and cannot Unidle for the rest of the Dynasty, as they’ve simply committed suicide.



06-06-2017 23:58:23 UTC

A very interesting idea. An Explorer who once scammed a dynasty to a stalemate, now proposing that some Explorers “cannot be Unidle for the rest of the dynasty”...


06-07-2017 00:02:58 UTC

This seems to only benefit non-Cultists, why would they choose to give supplies to people who are not Cultists and then giving someone those supplies would only make the target under suspicion. Also it seems dangerous to prohibit unidling of an unknown amount of people given the 5 player minimum to the game.  against


06-07-2017 00:26:09 UTC

against but there’s currently no 5-player minimum.


06-07-2017 01:32:24 UTC

[pokes] Oh I thought that rule was retained, my mistake. Still preventing people from unidling for an indefinite amount of time or even a very long amount of time is not a good thing to do.


06-07-2017 07:52:46 UTC

Was the five-player minimum lost in an Ascension repeal, or did we vote to get rid of it?

against Seems a bad to give some players an increased incentive to leave the game, and for everyone to persuade others to leave.


06-07-2017 10:07:58 UTC

I ascension-repealed it.

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