Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cycle 10 Resolution

Clucky now has 11 Credits and 4 Marines
Cpt_Koen influences the Legion with 1 Marine, the Courthouse with 4 Credits, the Rebels with 1 Marine, and the Watchtower with 5 Credits, and now has 14 Credits, 2 Marines, 8 Power, and 4 Councilmen, and may send the Net a message containing a list of institutions, each with a Player whose Direction will be ignored for that institution this Cycle
Josh influences the Black Market with 6 Credits, and now has 31 Credits and 4 Marines
Patrick influences the Mine with 11 Credits and the Council with 8 Credits and now has 22 Credits, 13 Power, and 2 Councilmen.
Yonah influences the Bank with 4 Credits and now has 43 Credits
Galactic Galatea influences the Mob with 19 Credits and now has 2 Credits

The bonus for the Slave Pits is now 6.



04-21-2012 05:58:51 UTC

how did I lose 1 marine and 7 credits? I’m asuming the marine was the mob, but that doesn’t explain the credits.

Seems like every single round you’ve screwed something up. really starting to get annoyed now.


04-21-2012 08:20:53 UTC

SPC, in a previous proposal I said that “we will all be forgiving” of errors that arise from cycle resolutions. Apparently that was incorrect. I apologise.


04-21-2012 12:43:18 UTC

@Clucky, my most sincere apologies. The post and GNDT will be fixed.

@Josh, think nothing of it I assure you. You are not the first prophet to fake some difficulties ;).


04-21-2012 13:20:21 UTC



04-23-2012 17:35:25 UTC

Why does the Net now have “8” in its Councilmen GNDT field?


04-23-2012 22:43:30 UTC

Sorry I did not spot that later, but Josh apparently Influenced the Public with 1 Credit.


04-23-2012 22:45:40 UTC

And the Reactor.


04-23-2012 22:52:27 UTC

And the 96189 Pygmalion…


04-23-2012 23:25:03 UTC

These institutions were unpowered.