Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cycle 15 Resolution

Cpt_Koen influences the Watchtower with 10 Credits and the Mine via the Fleet and now has 5 Credits and 20 Power
Clucky influences the Slave Pits with 1 Marine and now has 69 Credits, 0 Marines, and 12 Power
Galatea influences the Reactor 6 Credits (Disconnecting the Fleet) and the Mob with 5 Credits and now has 33 Credits and 0 Marines
Josh influences the Council with 8 Credits and Courthouse with 4 Credits and now has 59 Credits and 17 Power
Kevan influences the Public with 5 Credits and now has 70 Credits and 14 Power
Murphy now has 39 Credits
Patrick now has 59 Credits
Yonah influences the Black Market with 1 Marine and 6 Credits and 96189 Pygmalion with 1 Marine and 2 Credits and now has 30 Credits and 4 Marines

The Legion, Bank, and Rebels were Powered but not Influenced.


Clucky: HE/HIM

05-06-2012 17:07:08 UTC

why did you target me with the mob Yonah? Koen is leading in like every category. <_<


05-06-2012 19:08:51 UTC

Because I thought he’d use his marine and thus there’d be no marine to hit, and I don’t really care about the councilmen given how far behind I am in them.


05-06-2012 20:12:27 UTC

How does Galatea now have 0 marines?


05-06-2012 20:41:28 UTC

I can confirm that Galatea’s Marines have been calculated correctly.


05-06-2012 20:42:19 UTC



05-06-2012 21:57:11 UTC

Well I thought I’d use my Marine too…


05-06-2012 22:11:43 UTC

I think Kevan disconnected the Fleet last Cycle, and an Institution cannot be Disconnected for two consecutive Cycles…


05-06-2012 22:14:13 UTC

Wasn’t that rule removed (against my objections?)


05-06-2012 23:48:27 UTC

It was indeed.