Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cycle 9 Resolution

Clucky influences the Black Market with 13 Credits and the Rebels with 6 Credits and now has 9 Credits, 5 Marines, 6 Power, and 1 Councilmen
Cpt_Koen now has 18 Credits
Josh influences the Council with 6 Credits and now has 55 Credits, 1 Power, and 1 Councilmen
Kevan now has 45 Credits
Murphy influence the Legion with 10 Credits and now has 12 Credits and 1 Marine.
Patrick influences the Reactor with 3 Credits and now has 38 Credits
Yonah influences 96189 Pygmalion with 4 Credits and now has 34 Credits

The Mine, Slave Pits, Courthouse, Public, and Watchtower were Powered but not Influenced. The Slave Pits were also not directed at.



04-18-2012 03:05:17 UTC

> Murphy influence the Legion with 10 Credits and now has 12 Credits and 1 Power

ITYM “and 1 Marine”


04-18-2012 03:34:30 UTC

Who influenced the Mob?


04-18-2012 03:35:13 UTC

Also, if no one influenced the Watchtower then all directions should be made public.


04-18-2012 03:54:02 UTC

@Murphy, yes, fixing
@Yonah, no one, the mob was unpowered. I’ll publicize the bids once things look solid.

Kevan: HE/HIM

04-18-2012 10:03:39 UTC

Which Institution did the Reactor shut down?

Kevan: HE/HIM

04-18-2012 10:06:14 UTC

And how did Yonah gain 20 Credits in one Cycle?


04-18-2012 12:22:17 UTC

I believe things would look way more solid if you publicized the bids right away :)


04-18-2012 16:15:15 UTC

@Kevan, no institution was shut down.


04-19-2012 17:03:35 UTC

Is the MPI correct or not?


04-19-2012 17:39:03 UTC