Sunday, June 11, 2017

Proposal: Day of Prophecy

Self-killed. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 12 Jun 2017 21:35:08 UTC

Add a section called “Endgames”:

The 1st of June 2017 is the Day of Prophecy.

During and after the Day of Prophecy:
• If the Ancient One’s Satisfaction is equal or greater to the amount of Missions Completed times three, any Cultist has achieved Victory.
• If the Ancient One’s Satisfaction is lower to the amount of Missions Completed times three, the non-Cultist with the most [Supplies minus Debt] has achieved Victory, if there are no ties for such a position.

We’re about halfway through the regular dynasty time-length (20 days of 40), good time to propose a wincon.




06-11-2017 21:57:24 UTC

So… If this passes, Sphinx achieves Victory? He’s the only Explorer who still has 10 Supplies, and he’s not a Cultist.


06-12-2017 02:45:44 UTC

Did you mean to type July instead of June? Also there doesn’t have to be a predetermined length to any given dynasty; if people are tired of it they’ll simply end it like Viv’s dynasty.  against

[Cpt_Koen] Allegedly not a Cultist. Sphinx could have at anytime gotten their backgrounds, although they have stated they didn’t want to achieve victory.

Kevan: HE/HIM

06-12-2017 07:02:38 UTC



06-12-2017 10:10:03 UTC



06-12-2017 11:13:59 UTC

“Each Explorer (which isn’t the Expedition Leader) has none or two Backgrounds, which is privately tracked by the Expedition Leader, and Explorers default to having no Backgrounds.”


06-12-2017 19:02:45 UTC

Oh well against