Monday, June 20, 2022

Proposal: Day of the Ventricle

Withdrawn. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 21 Jun 2022 08:43:07 UTC

If “Badump” failed, this proposal has no further effect.

Replace “the Heartbeat of Creation increases by 1” with “the Heartbeat of Creation increases by 2”.

If “Home Sweet Home” enacted, replace “As a daily action, a Demiurge can perform the Journey atomic action” with:-

As a Beat action, a Demiurge can perform the Journey atomic action

If “Remember to pack a lunch” enacted, replace “Any Demiurge may transfer any of their own Provisions” with:-

As a Beat action, a Demiurge may transfer any of their own Provisions

Putting existing actions into Beats, and doubling the amount that it rises by each refresh.


lendunistus: Omnipotence he/him

20-06-2022 15:30:18 UTC

I don’t like locking movement behind the heartbeat, it’s unnecessarily slow especially when we’re going to have stuff like shops and the vault all in different locations

SingularByte: he/him

20-06-2022 15:32:24 UTC

You might want to swap out Entity for Demiurge in the Home Sweet Home references, because the cfj has changed them now.

As for the change itself, I was actually considering dropping the daily action portion of the Journeying action since it’s already constrained by Provisions, and turning the foraging of food in the shops and forest into the beat action. This way still works though.

lendunistus: Omnipotence he/him

20-06-2022 15:38:35 UTC

I also don’t like consolidating everything into Beats

beats should be for stuff like attacking imo, not for when you’re moving around

Kevan: he/him

20-06-2022 15:47:19 UTC

Beats will often be faster than daily actions, because you can save them up and use several at once. Otherwise it’s four Beats per week versus seven Daily Actions per week, where you won’t be using a Daily Action every single day anyway.

[SingularByte] Thanks for the Entity pointer. And fair enough, I missed that Provisions were proposing to constrain movement.

Josh: he/him

20-06-2022 15:58:27 UTC

I agree with lendun that we should be selective about what goes into Beats and what doesn’t. I’d support making Journeying a free action with no time restrictions; you’re already having it cost Provisions so it’s not like it’s readily spammable.

Josh: he/him

20-06-2022 15:58:48 UTC

I do like the double Beats though.

lendunistus: Omnipotence he/him

20-06-2022 16:07:06 UTC


don’t really like this but if the players want it, sure

lendunistus: Omnipotence he/him

20-06-2022 16:08:02 UTC

and I just edit locked it before properly reading josh’s comments

rip, at least we can make movements a free action in a later proposal

SingularByte: he/him

20-06-2022 16:20:31 UTC

The idea of making beats tie into things is nice, but I do feel that it makes travelling way too painful. Also, transferring provisions shouldn’t really cost a whole beat since it’s fairly unpleasant to do already - unless you’re already around, you likely have to go to a player, give up the provision(s), then travel again which costs you more than half your provisions.


20-06-2022 17:54:38 UTC

against Seconding SingularByte’s objection; Beats seem like a nice mechanic but I’m worried about making everything rely on the same (very limited!) resource.


20-06-2022 17:55:10 UTC

Whoops, forgot the 4 hours hadn’t passed yet.

SingularByte: he/him

20-06-2022 17:59:19 UTC

It’s fine, lendunistus already voted so it’s already locked to edits.

Josh: he/him

20-06-2022 18:22:06 UTC



20-06-2022 18:33:39 UTC


Darknight: he/him

20-06-2022 22:34:48 UTC


Brendan: he/him

20-06-2022 23:56:10 UTC

for Since there’s now a later-resolving referendum on the most controversial parts of this.

Kevan: he/him

21-06-2022 08:42:41 UTC

against Withdrawn to keep things moving.