Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day Six Dawns

Two heavy books slap onto the library floor, and the Porter and a Guard walk out through different doorways. In the empty dining hall, a Servant clears the table.



05-31-2015 17:26:56 UTC

I explore.


05-31-2015 17:32:42 UTC

The Lady, the Lord, a Stranger. A sharp glance, fingers on a locket, the drumbeat of hooves.


05-31-2015 17:33:26 UTC

I hereby offer the first-ever opportunity to carve the Guard. Who would like to trade me poses for it?


05-31-2015 18:21:33 UTC

I hereby offer to carve the Servant for another Shifter.


05-31-2015 18:23:28 UTC

I gossip about the Chaplains latest visit to the village late at night, which he claims was to visit a very ill widow. As if….


05-31-2015 23:44:31 UTC

@brendan: I offer to carve the porter for you for the guard


06-01-2015 15:58:20 UTC

Would that I had seen this comment before the dawn came, Darknight.