Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Decisions, decisions…

I’m going to start work on a new proposal soon. I’m thinking of either improving the Sleeping system, setting bonuses and additional requirements for sleeping, OR, I’m going to propose a fixed version of the fishing system that follows the dynasty conventions, etc. Which would all of you be more interested in?

Sorry for the spelling errors, if there are any. I typed this in a hurry.



02-21-2018 23:27:34 UTC

you could do both, there’s two proposals allowed to be queued after all and there’s not really limit, other than fair play, on how big your proposals can be.
also see
not that you shouldn’t solicit for ideas but you won’t get everyone’s opinion in non-proposals (or even in regular proposals sometimes).


02-22-2018 08:26:32 UTC

It’s cool Raena, I appreciate the sentiment, but people generally just propose themselves what they want to see, without much need to request someone else to do it for them.