Thursday, April 14, 2022

Declaring Dominion over Randomness

My Thesis Hash is LEFTMOSTFALSEAngel’s CloverUNDEFINEDQubit Entanglement0Blobber Breakneck BarrelingRoujoWill it BlendzeropointthreerecurringEGGSEGGSEGGS.

Angel’s Clover: UNDEFINED
Qubit Entanglement: 0
Blobber Breakneck Barreling: Roujo
Will it Blend: 0.3 recurring

LEFTMOST: Use the 1980s pager to perform the LEFTMOST method. That requires me to run Qubit Entanglement; I do so using the Test Qubit. That returns a 1, which is not the leftmost result in the Qubit Entanglement return range, so
Angel’s Clover: No material can be used to generate a result for Angel’s Clover, but doesn’t appear to have to be, so I just run Angel’s Clover as is. The method of Angel’s Clover says “If this Method is not run as part of another Method return UNDEFINED as a string”, so
Qubit Entanglement: Running it using the Order Slip, returning a 0.
Blobber Breakneck Barrelling: Running it using Blobber Kennels, returning Roujo.
Will It Blend: Due to the LEFTMOST and Qubit Entanglement probes, the current returns for Qubit Entanglement on Test Qubit and Order Slip are 0 and 1 respectively. Use Kitchen; the average of 0, 1 and 0 is 0.3 recurring, so

I have therefore achieved dominion over randomness.


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