Saturday, May 27, 2017

Deleted post

If it’s of any interest to anyone, the following post came up in the rss feed for Blognomic and was presumably deleted.
Titled “Eldritch Horrors”

“Add to “Expedition Leading”: The Ancient One needs to consume Supplies in order to recover fully and finally awaken, by taking them from Explorers who woefully step unprepared into the dangers of the Expedition. There exists a value called “Ḻ̼̗O̙̫͓̘̜S͇͇̞̗̺͢T͍̞͎̺ ̜F͙ͅÒR̤͖̝E̬̣͝V̴͚͕̫͔̞ͅER̛̖͎̦̟̫͍ͅ” (optionally written as simply “Lost Forever”), held by the Ancient One. This value is tracked on the Mission Status wikipage, and defaults to one. Whenever a Secret Treasure is an Eldritch Horror and a Mission Hand-in post is Stamped, the Ancient One attempts to Steal [Lost Forever Amount] Supplies from each Participant of that Mission. If they have at least that amount of Supplies, the Explorer then loses amount of Supplies and the Ancient One gains that amount in Lost Forever. They don’t have at least that amount, the Ancient One takes all of their Supplies instead (and stores them in Lost Forever as usual) and that Explorer has to remove a Background of their choice from themselves (by making a public post for this purpose and stating what Background they lose) because they were Attacked by a Horror. An Explorer with no Backgrounds who is Attacked by a Horror gains the Cultist Background instead of any other “Attacked by a Horror” effects. Amend “Each Explorer (which isn’t the Expedition Leader) has none or two Backgrounds” to Each Explorer (which isn’t the Expedition Leader) has none, one or two Backgrounds Amend “Military” to: Military: This Background cancels all “Attacked by a Horror” effects that affect any Mission they’re the Participant of. The Expedition Leader should include in their Stamping that there was a loud amount of gunshots, bangs and otherworldy monsters being slain when this happens, but not reveal who the Military was.”



05-27-2017 03:11:39 UTC

Posted by me, yes. I’m trying to think of a more complete version with more openings for more roles to be involved into it although definitely feel free to use this content for your own proposals.