Monday, June 20, 2022

Proposal: Demilune

Reached quorum 7 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 21 Jun 2022 09:15:26 UTC

Enact a new rule, “Phases,” as follows:

Each Demiurge has a Phase, which is publicly tracked, and must be one of the following values:

  1. New
  2. Waxing
  3. Full
  4. Waning

A Demiurge’s Phase is determined by the first letter of their BlogNomic username; the position of that letter in the English alphabet, modulo 4, plus 1, yields a number from 1 to 4, which corresponds to the one Phase in the list of Phases directly above this paragraph. Thus a Demiurge whose username begins with “a” or “A”  has the Phase “New,” a player whose name begins with “b” or “B” has the phase “Waxing,” “c” or “C” equates to “Full,” “d” or “D” to “Waning,” “e” or “E” to “New,” and so on. Any Demiurge whose username begins with a character that is not a letter of the English alphabet has the Phase “Full.”

Not necessarily picking teams here, but maybe useful for rhythm mechanics, or for rock-paper-scissors stuff.


Josh: he/him

20-06-2022 17:06:36 UTC

Could be fun to tie that to the Heartbeat so that demiruges cycle through the phases.

I like this, anyway.

Brendan: he/him

20-06-2022 17:09:02 UTC

With the current player list as of this writing, this would work out to:

New: MadisonSilver
Waxing: Brendan, Josh, Jumble, Raven1207
Full: Kevan, SingularByte, SupernovaStarbright, wdeftv
Waning: Darknight, LinkVanyali, Trapdoorspyder


20-06-2022 17:56:47 UTC

Being by myself could be either very good or very bad for me. :P

SingularByte: Demon King he/him

20-06-2022 21:19:26 UTC



20-06-2022 21:30:19 UTC


Josh: he/him

20-06-2022 21:57:46 UTC


Darknight: he/him

20-06-2022 22:37:12 UTC


lendunistus: he/him

21-06-2022 08:28:07 UTC


I don’t really see an use for this but it’s neat to keep around, I suppose

Kevan: he/him

21-06-2022 08:42:14 UTC