Monday, November 24, 2008

Development of the Shadows

Dr Marcus Shade drives down Main Street, before turning into 1st Street. He is heading towards his villa outside of town. Suddenly, the handsfree phone of his Bentley starts ringing.
“Answer” he mutters.
“Doctor…it never got delivered. I don’t know where it is now…”
“What about the Swan?”
“It got washed away by the rain.”
“Have you dealt with Ms Montgomery? She was telling her little friend far too much…”
“Yes. She is out of the picture. Should we remove Mr Smith too?”
“No. Keep him in the game a little bit longer. I want to see what he does.”

Dr Shade hangs up and continues towards his house. Once there, he parks, exits his car, and walks up towards his house. He heads towards an inner room.

“Was Montgomery dispatched, Shade?”
“Yes, Sir…”
“Are your people still stationed at the Warehouse?”
“Were all of the packages delivered?”
“All except one, Sir. I don’t think Arthexis noticed…”
“This could ruin the whole operation. Don’t let it happen again!”
“No, Sir. I won’t, Sir”

Marcus Shade walks backwards out of the room, still facing the voice. He takes a small phone out of his pocket, dials something and mutters, “Time for Stage Two. I want people at the Library, the DDF Headquarters and plenty of people at Arth’s. Tonight” As he speaks, he scratches an image of a swan in the wall with his ring.



24-11-2008 18:45:06 UTC

People…at MY headquarters?

Without MY permission!?!

Not even being members of the DDA!?!

You are evil.


24-11-2008 19:15:03 UTC

Perhaps they are members…

Infiltration is powerful, you know.

Darknight: he/him

25-11-2008 00:24:27 UTC

props oze. this is getting good.