Monday, August 02, 2021

Proposal: Die Another Day

Failed by Take Two!—Clucky

Adminned at 07 Aug 2021 03:38:11 UTC

In “Battles”, replace “plus DICEX, where X is the number of that faction’s Units that are engaged in the Battle” with:-

plus X, where X is the number of that faction’s Units that are engaged in the Battle

And replace “then select a Unit of that faction at random and roll DICEY, where Y is that faction’s Losses, and reduce their Size by that amount”:-

then reduce the Size of the Forward Unit of that faction in the Battle by that faction’s Losses

To the end of the rule, add:-

Within a Battle, the Forward Unit of a faction is the one that appears earliest in the list of Units at the Battle’s Site.

After “When a Unit’s Name is contained within a map cell, that Unit is considered to be located in that Territory.” in “Units”, add:-

When a Unit is added or moved to a map cell, its name is added to the end of the list of names there.

Taking Clash of Clans one step further by removing the last two die rolls: the unit-count modifier becomes a straight plus rather than a random one (leaving a 1-vs-1 skirmish unchanged), and the order of hits are always left-to-right as units are listed in the cell, rather than dealt at random.


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for die rolls ain’t my cup of tea.

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