Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Discussion: Someone should put Put on trial

...Remember how we were saying this is hopeless if there are more than two Androids? Well the only possible non-Disabled third Androids are Put and ais523.  At this point I’m 99% sure ais523 is Human from his actions, but Put has been very much under the radar.  We can hedge our bets by canning him.



18-02-2015 08:19:00 UTC

I was actually considering idling Put by proposal. He’s apparently commented recently, but I couldn’t find the comment, and it’s like he’s intentionally staying out of the dynasty for the most part. In a dynasty like this one, not engaging with other people makes it very hard to judge which faction somebody is on, and a proposal like that would at least get his attention.


18-02-2015 09:26:23 UTC

Oh, and I’m not a possible third Android. I wasn’t in the second batch, but the first; I already had my Human/Android status determined at the start of the dynasty, so it wasn’t rerolled when I unidled.

(I probably would have idled and unidled repeatedly in an attempt to become an Android, otherwise.)


18-02-2015 16:47:29 UTC

The literal 3rd Android would be whoever Kevan rolled for your replacement.


19-02-2015 04:16:07 UTC

and Sylphrena! and Josh! Yay!

@Bucky, you are presuming that ais523 was an Android before he left; I don’t wish to restart this flamewar, but it is still my opinion that that is simply not the case.


19-02-2015 04:16:30 UTC

And _Fox_ of course… _Fox_ is actually a very suspicious character.


19-02-2015 05:22:54 UTC

ayesdeeef: I presume nothing.  I assert that at least one of the following three statements is true.
*There are only two non-disabled Androids
*Put is an Android (via Scanning)
*ais523 is an Android (which may have resulted in a simulation-woken Android being added when he went idle)


19-02-2015 05:25:15 UTC

I suppose it’s possible from your point of view that there’s only one non-disabled Android, with the second original Android being me.  But I don’t think you think there’s a significant chance I’m an Android.


19-02-2015 15:03:33 UTC

Ok, then I merely assert that your third point is not true.