Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Proposal: Divine Intervention

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Mar 2017 11:08:10 UTC

If this proposal passes, move any Villagers who have any of the symptoms Wolf Form or Back Hair to the last non-Church location they have been.
In the “Locations” section add to the Church

As a daily action, a Villager may pray.

Add to the end of the “Locations” section of the Church

Praying can be done in one of the ways listed below:
Preforming the following atomic actions:
1. Roll DICE5
2. If the result of step 1 is a die roll of 1, roll another DICE5
3. The Villager makes a blog post stating they prayed and if they rolled a die on step 2, are cured of disease X. X corresponds to the disease with the same value as the die rolled in step 2. Auge = 1, The Black Death = 2, The Pox = 3, Toothache = 4 and Lycanthropy = 5.
PM the Doctor, stating that they are praying. When the Doctor attends he preforms the following atomic actions:
1. 20% chance that the Villager is cured of a random disease
2. PM the Villager back stating whether they were cured and if so what the Villager is cured of.

Villagers with Back Hair or Wolf Form cannot enter the Church.

And finally add a bullet point second to last in “The Doctor’s Rounds” that reads

For each Villager in the Church a random 20% chance that this cures the Villager of a random disease, regardless of whether that Villager has that disease.

The placebo effect in action!



03-01-2017 23:59:11 UTC

Note: If praying in church has to be processed by the Doctor, it should have the specific mechanism by which the praying happens and he gets notified, like a blog post (if you want praying to be public) or PM (if you want it to be private)


03-02-2017 00:13:42 UTC

note: you can have lycanthropy and not know it until you get to back hair.


03-02-2017 00:16:07 UTC

Note: I like that as a way for someone with unknown Lycanthropy to find out; they try to enter the church and get repelled by some unseen force (the Doctor reverting the action when he notices)


03-02-2017 00:25:27 UTC

note: Agreed. Puts the Can’t in Lycantrophy. Might make a mess though if he has to roll back everything that happened since.


03-02-2017 01:24:13 UTC

Note: Right, I forgot while I wrote this that you don’t always know exactly what diseases you have, however you can know some of them for certain.

I thought it might be easier to have it done in the GNDT if it were public, but having the Doctor do it for pm would be good too.


03-02-2017 01:51:39 UTC

Note: I guess due to how the Doctor’s rounds go, it would be possible to still have symptoms of a disease if you were cured because the Doctor removes symptoms you don’t have diseases for in an earlier step. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-02-2017 09:34:49 UTC

against Random cures seem like they go against the whole remedy mechanic.


03-02-2017 11:17:38 UTC



03-02-2017 16:21:35 UTC



03-06-2017 11:02:32 UTC