Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Ascension Address: Do not answer to the whispers in the mist

Spain, with Cuddles de la Beam at its head, leads the world into a bright, sustainable future via a new energy reactor technology based on three newly discovered exotic elements. But this is a story of its past, a cursed, forgotten tale of swords, flintlock guns, and horrible, horrible, horrible secrets f̡r̛oe̷m b͉͙̙̙̞͝ei̱͍͎͘y̭̲ó̷͖̦̞̼̜̖̖͓͉͠a̶̴̛̪̤̮̻̼͈͔̳͇n̯͎͖̖̮̺͚͟͝͝͝d̡̪̰̖͍͈͓̲͚͙͚̱̖̕͟͝ͅj҉̢̺̦̳͖͈̹̫̙̫͕͍̻̤̻͕̰͎͇͘͢ͅs҉͇̪̘͘͞͝͝h͝͏̡̣̻͉̼̼͔̗̭͚͇̯̠̦͎̤s҉̢̘̪͍̻͕̰̞̩̤͓̲̟͉̠h̸̛̬̙͇̖̗̱͉͠


The Cathedral of the town of Jerez holds the last relic, the last remains of a messiah from time immemorial. It is the one last lock that is holding shut a horrible gate to… an unspeakable outside. And with its prison so weakened, that beyond starting to seep through, cursing everything in its wake, whimpering, roaring, trying to finally break free after ages of imprisonment.

Thankfully, a group of brave adventurers are here to try to bring and end to this, and solve it once and forever. But they will discover that their greatest obstacle towards reaching the grand truth, the grand solution, is themselves.

Remove “(abbreviated EM)”, “(abbreviated UNSG)”,

Change “EM” and “Energy Minister” to “Adventurer”. Change “UNSG” and “UN Secretary-General” to “Priest”.

Let’s rock.

Aesthetically inspired by Bloodborne. My intent with game mechanics is to make a sort of boss battle dynamic (1 versus everyone else), with people (necessarily) taking turns being the boss.


The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

11-05-2019 10:43:52 UTC

So it begins…

(Does this mean that the old dynasty rules are repealed implicitly?)


11-05-2019 10:52:25 UTC

Yes, it’s a Core Rule that they are at an Ascension Address.

(...I should edit and wipe the Ruleset)

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

11-05-2019 10:54:05 UTC

I did find it afterwards, but couldn’t delete the above. Thanks.


11-05-2019 11:31:48 UTC

No problem

Btw, how did you find Blognomic?

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

11-05-2019 12:17:29 UTC

I first came across BlogNomic a few years ago, when I became interested in the idea of Nomic and was looking for a game to join. I don’t know why I didn’t; perhaps I lacked the courage to dig into a game that seemed intimidatingly complex to a mostly non-gamer like me… But it’s been in my mind again lately, and yesterday I found that I was in the mood to study it in depth and try to understand its workings. So I took the plunge.

The short answer: Wikipedia and Google.


11-05-2019 19:58:29 UTC

I found it through Boardgamegeek. I researched a few different Nomics and BlogNomic seemed the best.