Friday, June 29, 2012

Don’t know if we need a CfJ… but wanted to at least raise the discussion

So I forgot to add the new robots to the GNDT when enacting that proposal today. This made it technically impossible for players to add the new robots. Quirck acted like he had added Duster and just not updated the GNDT to update it.

On the one hand, these seems legal. There is nothing saying “If you can’t update the GNDT you can’t make Duster your robot”. He legally could make Duster his robot. On the other hand, we have this general assumption that GNDT is the current gamestate and in this case it wasn’t…

So does Quirck’s action count? Or because his ‘robot’ according to the GNDT was still Ambler is it illegal?



30-06-2012 00:48:05 UTC

He indicated in his GNDT comment that he was using a Duster, so I’m going to vote that it is legal.

However, the GNDT should now be updated to reflect that his current robot is the Duster.


30-06-2012 04:48:58 UTC

Agree with Spice.

Kevan: he/him

30-06-2012 10:16:33 UTC

Would have been illegal if the action to change robots explicitly required the player to update the GNDT, but it’s just “may set their Robot to any Robot”.

“The GNDT merely represents the Gamestate, and is not the same thing.”